This is not User Research.

It's Life Investigation.

Investigation means finding hard-to-reach audiences in their natural environment where they’re more willing to share genuine, powerful life stories…

All done in as little as one week and at a fraction of the cost of traditional research.

We call this Insider Insights.

Insiders are investigators, connected to your target audience and trained by our skilled research team to get the findings you need. They observe and remain open to learning, seeing and hearing while provoking a deeper understanding through stories.

The power of stories.

They connect, are engaging and cannot be untold. They go beyond providing answers — they break down barriers, expose truths and reveal a compelling need to solve for.

You know, an insightful insight.

Brace for impact. It's research reframed.

The Approach
  • Structured
  • Rigorous
  • Repeatable
  • Organic
  • Focused on social contexts and relationships
  • Builds on a real-life baseline
The Goal
  • Control Variables
  • Test a hypothesis
  • Hear the unexpected
  • Hear the unfiltered truth
  • Feel the undercurrent of new issues and trends
Who Does It
  • Highly trained, specialized individuals like marketing and UX researchers, social scientists
  • Anyone who is interested, approved and trained by Motivate to be a good investigator

Why it works.

Anchored by Relationships

No “expert” survey takers and unknown moderators. Real, hard-to-reach people talk to people they know, who happen to be insiders.


Rapid, agile Missions that run 40% faster than traditional research projects, run together or as needed.

Multiple Perspectives

We can ask what people want, but equally valuable is what someone who knows them well observes.

Different Answers

Answers to your questions, as well as answers to the questions you didn’t know to ask.

We can prove it.

From pharma to finance, we’ve been helped discover powerful insights that drive successful product and service strategy.

The price is right.

We offer clients a low-risk, high-value $15K trial offer so you can experience Insider Insights first-hand and deliver immediate business impact.

Contact us to learn more.